Colourful Socks

Just finished. They seemed to take forever! Probably because I didn’t work on them every evening so they took three weeks rather than the usual two. Anyway, they are now done.

Definitely bright. 

Usually I immediately start a next pair – no idle needles; but it’s now past midnight so new socks will have to be tomorrow….

New Sewing Table

The third sewing table arrived Friday morning and it fits the space perfectly! It’s the right height, and the piece on the left is moveable – when I’m quilting, I can position it further to the right so it will take the weight of the quilt I’m working on. The depth of the main span is also greater (2′ 8″) than on either of the other two tables so there’s more push-back space to work with. I know I’m going to be happy with it.

I intend staining and oiling the surface so it blends better with the other furniture in the space, the majority of which is actually my old teak furniture. I’ll stop off at Lee Valley to ask their advice about how best to do that tomorrow.

So now the space is just about complete. Time to get back to sewing – I have a wall hanging piece I’ve been wanting to do for quite a while – I’m aiming for larger than any I’ve done so far. I’ll start by enlarging the photo on which it will be based so I can look at the elements and think about the fabrics I’ll need.

Here’s the sign outside of the Art Lab in Parrsboro – it was lovely approaching the building Friday evening and seeing it there:

The gathering Friday night was small but definitely enthusiastic.

And as I sit writing on my iPad at the kitchen island counter, I’m also watching the Tennis final in Cincinnati on my iPhone. Cilic has taken the first set, although Murray is pushing him hard in the second…. I was disappointed Raonic didn’t win yesterday. On to the US Open coming week. This streaming thing means I can be sewing and keeping an eye on the tennis at the same time. I love this multitasking….

New Digs II

I moved in August 3 and have worked steadily unpacking and putting away and shopping and arranging stuff. It’s just about done. I’m sitting waiting for the delivery of the third sewing table this morning. There’s still a small dining room table and 4 leather chairs to arrive and I’ve expressed interest in a large painting that I’ll get to audition in my space after Labour Day. But for the most part, this is now home.

Front Door

Apartment from front door


Sewing Studio




Recovered Sofa




Wall shelves with storage


Sewing station – Quilting machine


Repurposed dining room table with storage beneath


Sewing station – Serger






Organized closet


Sitting room with recovered day bed

I’m Back

I’m finally settled into the apartment! There are still a few things to do but for the most part it’s now home.

Yesterday I traipsed to Parrsboro with 10 new quilts and 3 wall art pieces. They’re on show at Art Lab till Sept. 7. We spent the afternoon hanging the exhibition and I was delighted with how well the pieces all show.

New Digs

Wednesday – moving-in day – YEAH! I’m tired of being a vagabond. I’m ready to have my life settled again and a routine in place. Every day I was in Newfoundland felt like Saturday.

I got the apartment keys past Saturday and moved in the stuff I kept with me – some clothing and bathroom items. I’ll be taking in more clothing today.

I thought I should take pictures before the boxes and furniture arrive Wednesday to have a record of the bare apartment.

A galley kitchen with island – the kitchen end of this open space is 15′ x 10′ (back wall to back of island). The front door is to the right of the kitchen. There’s a “den” (read that as an 8 x 11 room without a window which I’m going to use for storage) which you can’t see beside the kitchen.

The other end of this large open area looks smallish from this viewpoint at the island, but it’s a 15′ x 31′ space from windows to back of island. You can see the doorways to the bedrooms, one on each side. There’s a reasonable sized balcony beyond the sliding patio doors. 

This space will house my sewing studio. Tables for each sewing machine, a centre cutting table, a spot for my ironing board, furniture with drawers to store fabric and notions. 

The large bedroom:

The smaller bedroom which I’m intending to use as a sitting room:

The apartment has two large bathrooms and each bedroom has its own walk-in closet.

And an in-apartment laundry utility room:

So lots of space. 

I already know I will have to discard more pieces of furniture because they won’t quite work in the layout I see in my head. Anybody need a solid birch 4-drawer desk? I’ve had this desk since I was eight years old. It has been a part of my computer desk for years but just won’t work here. There will also be a couple of chairs and some end tables to go, but I won’t know for sure until the boxes are gone and the furniture is in place.
Stay tuned.

Socks for Edouard

Although I’ve been a vagabond (homeless) these past few weeks, I’ve managed to knit and gift a pair of socks for a friend. And they fit him perfectly!
I’m now just past the heel on the first sock of the next pair. 

This period of waiting is nearly over thank goodness – I get possession of the apartment Monday and the movers will arrive Wednesday. It’s going to be wonderful finally getting back to a place of my own.

Packing Done

I got the packing finished today. Everything. I had exactly the right number and sizes of boxes on hand and enough paper to get the job done. I had help – two friends came over and worked with me boxing all the kitchen stuff – dishes, cutlery, glassware, pots-pans, baking things, pantry, plastic containers… Took three hours.

The sewing room:

The office:
Every other room the same – boxes stacked everywhere.

Tomorrow, I’ll gather what I need for the three weeks I’m homeless. Then Tuesday morning the movers arrive to take it all to storage.

The next three weeks will go quickly – I’ve got knitting with me and several novels on my phone to help me pass the time. It’ll be August 3 before I know it and then it’s the whole process in reverse!