Finished At Last

Striped Socks

I started these socks just before I went to San Francisco; then I had the carpel tunnel surgery which kept me from knitting for two weeks then only a small amount each day since. However my hand function is nearly returned to normal – these socks were finished last night and a new pair started.

Knitting Tip

Tracking Thread

Friday afternoon one of the knitting women asked about the thread I use to track rows and decreases. It’s a real easy way to know where I am in the evolving sock. I mark every ten rows and each decrease in the gusset. When the sock is done I pull out the thread. Much easier to use than pins or marker rings. Been doing this for a very long time.

Socks Again

Comfort Yarn

Finished last evening. I had intended knitting the heel with the golden yarn I used for cuff and toe but given the spot where the second gold stripe on the leg showed up, I thought a contrasting heel would be more interesting so I dug through my yarn stash and came up with this dark green (almost dark grey). 

Worked out well.

New Zealand Yarn

Socks From New Zealand Yarn

A friend recently brought me a couple of 50g balls of New Zealand sock yarn from Australia – I decided to make it up into socks straight away.

This variegated pattern, as is all of them, dependent on the number of stitches you’re knitting. I started with 72 stitches and got one pattern for 20 rows; I decreased to 68 stitches and got a second pattern; then I decreased to 64 stitches for the lower leg and the foot which resulted in a third pattern. With a yarn like this, dyed in very short segments, the difference in patterns is very noticeable. In most of the other variegated yarns, the dyed portions are of much longer length so the pattern isn’t disrupted by a change in the number of stitches. What emerges in this yarn at 64 stitches is the lime green spiral with blue patches and short red stripes.

The yarn I began with last evening changes colour every 4 rows so the number of stitches doesn’t make a big difference in how the design knits out.

Another Pair of Socks


Comfort Sockenwolle with Cashmere

Finished last evening. Slow going on these ones. I’d started them just before going to Toronto to have something to work on while I was there. Didn’t spend much time knitting. Resumed working on the first sock when I got back home, but the cold laid me low and I didn’t do much knitting for a number of days. Finally got going seriously about ten days ago, knit my usual 2-3 hours in the evening, finished the first sock and then the second. These socks are sized to fit a man wearing a size 9-10 shoe. I have a couple of recipients in mind.

I loved working with the Comfort Sockenwolle (Sock Yarn) with cashmere – lovely and soft and fine enough to work up with an even tension. The “denim” stripes (next to the darkish brown) invited a denim yarn for cuffs, heels and toes. They’re lively, but not so outlandish that a conservative man wouldn’t wear them.

My needles are empty at the moment but I’ll start the next pair this evening.

Socks – Pair #???

Opal: Moments If Love

Finally a yarn with a detailed pattern. Much more enjoyable to work with.  Ran into an interesting problem – I finished the first sock, matched up the start for the second, but 15 or so rows in, the pattern was suddenly different. That will happen if there’s a yarn break when it’s being balled – there’s a knot and the pattern picks up further along. In this case, there was no knot – just about eight rows of pattern quite different than the rest and then the pattern picked up again. So needless to say, the pattern in the two socks doesn’t align. I guess they’re for someone who’s daring enough to wear unmatched/matched socks.