Three Faces

My neighbour’s birthday last week. Her kids brought a cupcake for her birthday cake. She was saving it under this inverted mug – “face” was what I saw. 

I have a friend travelling in Spain at the moment. This picture of a face arrived a couple of days ago – a fountain in the old Jewish quarter of Barcelona.

Then a couple of days later she sent another face: her tuna and asparagus salad was looking back at her! (Bet the chef had no idea what he’d/she’d inadvertently done.)

Unexpected Faces

Day before yesterday my friend Karen and I were out for lunch. On our way back to the car from the restaurant we walked past a store window and both of us came to a dead stop: “A face!”

Having no idea what the object actually was we went into the shop to inquire. We also asked if the owner would take it from the window so we could capture an image. The shop owner thought we were both mad! Turns out the object is a pair of automatic motion sensitive security lights with a camera (the proboscis). 

“That’s all you want? A picture?” How do you explain you see faces in all sorts of unlikely places. 

We took pictures and left.

Another security camera and light – I guess the idea is to capture images of unwanted visitors – both animal and human.

Later that night Karen and her husband headed north to their cottage. The next morning she saw another face – the cottage almost smiling because the snow is just about gone.

Yup. Faces everywhere!

While Karen and I were having lunch I noticed a small animal climbing the concrete facade of the apartment building across the street. Too far away and too small to get a photo. 

At first I thought it might be a squirrel but it seemed to lack a bushy tail so I concluded it was likely a small rat or large mouse. The animal stopped for a while beside an open window. I watched until a truck obstructed my view. When the truck moved away – rodent was nowhere in sight – I wonder if the occupants of the apartment with the open window came home to an unwanted visitor!

Maybe they need one of these security cameras beside their window?



OK, so what is it?

I got sent this image the other day – an example of a found “face”. I can see the face quite clearly but didn’t recognize that I was actually looking at a crab carapace, probably picked up from the beach sand somewhere in Florida.

I’ve tried tracking down the crab species – the closest I’ve come is it’s likely a smallish stone crab. Many of the Florida crab species have a much wider carapace. Also most don’t have such a profusion of spines along the front (“head”) edge.

Whatever it is, I’ve added the image to my “faces” collection.

A Happy Face

A large group of us “older” women were out to dinner this evening. Some of the meals left something to be desired. The gal who organized our semi-annual get together mentioned the complaints to our server who came back to our table with this “happy” face!

A nice gesture!

A “Face” That Just Came in My Email

Just got this from my friend Karen:
“We’re stuck in traffic on our way down Hwy 400 to Rymond’s 2nd Birthday party at our place, when suddenly I looked down and my purse on my lap was smiling up at me!!! 🙂
Thinking of you…”


Once you start looking you see “faces” everywhere.

Trust me…

An Unusual Face

I wasn’t paying much attention to the ads on TV last night – can’t even remember what show was on, it was late, past midnight and I was just putting away my knitting before turning off the TV when this image came on the screen. I love the rewind feature on my PVR! I was able to scroll back and find the face that jumped out at me.

I don’t imagine Ford intended the face to be so graphic. I would actually be unable to sit behind the wheel of this car because it would greatly annoy me. I haven’t looked at my own vehicle – must do that to see whether it also has a face there as well as on the front of the car!

Happy face! I didn't see this when I bought the car but I caught it this morning. Check out a lot of other cars -  their faces aren't so happy!

New “Faces”

While walking the streets of San Francisco, I came across some “faces”.

The first has a long drooping moustache: 

 The second looks rather like a Chinese dragon:

Can you see them? 

I wasn’t looking too hard this trip or I’m sure I’d have found lots more!