Bearded Face

This “face” just arrived in a message. I’m sure you see it, too.


It’s a great face.



These are my mother’s fine china dishes. She passed them on to me in 1993 when I moved to Winnipeg. I used them reasonably often while I was there, but since returning to Halifax in 1997 they’ve been used only infrequently – I just don’t do the kind of entertaining that would warrant tableware as elegant as this.

I’ve just sent this picture to my niece asking if she’d be interested for sentimental reasons in having her grandmother’s dishes – she doesn’t, I know, particularly like the china she got when she was married.

If she declines the offer, and I’m expecting she will, I may just put them in my kitchen and use them for everyday dishes and wash them in the dishwasher. 

Nobody really wants fine tableware like this these days. There is little point in having the set stored in my buffet unused. So if the gold edges wear off in the dishwasher, or pieces break, what does it matter – it’s just “stuff”.

Then the question is what to do with my reliable, unbreakable Midwinter white stoneware dishes which I’ve used faithfully for 35 years! More stuff I have to decide what to do with!

George Carlin had it right in his hilarious monologue about “Stuff”. Never seen it, don’t know it – watch it! We all have too much STUFF!

Downtown Halifax

The face of Halifax is changing – another new building under construction. Love the prow shape at this end of the building.

Couldn’t resist taking the photo as I was going into Neptune Theatre this afternoon to see 2 Pianos 4 Hands. The play was well done particularly the Bach duo at the end. Really enjoyed it.

Another Useful Idea

Even though my sewing machines have cutting blades on the left hand side I don’t use them because as a right handed person I want to reach for my scissors, instead. 

I’ve found this simple way to keep a small pair of scissors nearby on each sewing machine (I have 4, but three are on my sewing tables). 

Plastic hooks with removable tape on a clear spot on the side of the machine does the trick – once I got used to not having to hunt for scissors when I’m sewing I no longer have to think about it – they’re always right at hand!

A “Good Thing”

Living is about improvisation. One of life’s small frustrations is finding the end of a roll of tape. I think I came across this idea on Pinterest – using the little plastic tabs on the end of the plastic bread bags (among other places) to mark the tape end. It’s a “Good Thing” as Martha Steward would say.

I use many different kinds of tape in my sewing room – double sided tape for positioning the machine embroidery hoops, masking tape to mark alignment positions on my sewing machines and to mark front/back of fabric, to identify rows of blocks for quilting, to convert cutting rulers to templates, duct tape when something needs a more secure temporary join.

Life got a whole lot easier when I started using those little pieces of plastic instead of throwing them out!

Sun At Last

There was an item in the Newfoundland paper a few days ago:

Wanted! Summer has failed to appear. Anyone knowing its whereabouts should contact the Newfoundland Constabulary!

It’s been as bad in NS these past few weeks as well but this afternoon the sun has shown its face at last! It’s even warm. No idea how long good weather will continue but it’s joyful outside at the moment.

Mr. Piggy


For the last couple of months I’ve been working with an eleven year-old on spelling. He reads well, but doesn’t connect what he knows visually about words to how they’re written. To add to his problem, while he has no difficulty speaking and understanding spoken language, he can’t for the life of him break spoken words into component sounds or connect spoken word elements with their letter representations. So we’ve been meeting weekly to work on writing, and spelling, and problem solving in an effort to help him develop strategies for learning and remembering how words are spelled.

Today was our last session before summer. His mom had invited me to lunch before our lesson. When I arrived at noon I found Mr. Piggy at the door entryway waiting for someone to let him in. Mr. Piggy, a soft rubber toy that goes “oink”, belongs to Max – a large black Lab, very friendly and very fond of Mr. Piggy, his favourite toy! Mr. Piggy was placed so carefully in front of the door I was sure one of the kids had put him there – neither admitted to it, however – “Oh, Max probably just left Mr. Piggy there.”

I had lunch, we’d had our session and I was getting ready to depart – I got up from the table and there on the kitchen floor beside my chair, looking right at me, was Mr. Piggy:


I didn’t see Max deposit Mr. Piggy there – I know neither of the children did it. I wondered whether Max was trying to tell me something…