Socks Using Lang JaWoll Aktion Yarn

Orange ‘n Grey Socks

A very nice sock yarn – good weight to knit using 2.5mm dp needles. When I got to the heel I decided to strengthen the colour using the orange, rather than tone down the socks with the grey I used for the cuff and toe. It worked – it makes the colours more vibrant. This pair of socks has a name on them. They’re for one of the gals in my building.


Finished this pair last evening.
I can’t sit in front of a TV without something in my hands to work on. Knitting socks is mindless (except when doing the gusset or rounding off a toe where I have to keep track of the decreases).

Purple/Turquoise Socks

They didn’t look at all like I thought they would based on the variegation in the yarn. I hadn’t anticipated the striping – thought the colour changes would be more solid.

Peach Coloured Socks

These, too, are just finished. They were a delight to work on – the pattern as it emerged was interesting and kept my interest, even on the second sock which I usually find boring to knit. Also it was easy to find the repeat to start the second sock.

Peach Socks

Once finished on to another pair. Here’s the yarn I’ve started using. The purple for cuff, heel, toe and I’ll be interested to see what pattern appears from the variegated yarn.

Yarn For Next Pair

Latest Socks

Finished this pair of socks last evening. Been working on them for a couple of weeks – a pair of socks (women’s size 7-8) takes me on average 25 hours. I worked on these a bit while I was away. I already had the first sock completed. I was just past the heel on the second when I packed them to take with me. I got the gusset done while I was away. I did most of the finishing of the foot these past two evenings. I enjoyed working with this  patterned yarn and the blending colour for cuff, heel, toe was a perfect match – that doesn’t always happen.

Opal Yarn

I started a new pair last evening as soon as these were off the needles.

Finished At Last

Striped Socks

I started these socks just before I went to San Francisco; then I had the carpel tunnel surgery which kept me from knitting for two weeks then only a small amount each day since. However my hand function is nearly returned to normal – these socks were finished last night and a new pair started.

Knitting Tip

Tracking Thread

Friday afternoon one of the knitting women asked about the thread I use to track rows and decreases. It’s a real easy way to know where I am in the evolving sock. I mark every ten rows and each decrease in the gusset. When the sock is done I pull out the thread. Much easier to use than pins or marker rings. Been doing this for a very long time.